Are you looking for an unusual activity for your youngster or teen to get involved in and be a big part of something?

Well, this is it!

A sport for people who traditionally don't love sports.

A team spirit like no other and an inclusive environment for your child to grow and learn to be awesome!

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The main differences between our adult and junior sessions are the extra safeguarding measures in place and the way they are introduced to the game itself. Our junior programme focuses on the growth and development of the individual young skater and their value within the team.

Whether they are new to skating or just to the sport, each individual will be taught skills covered in 3 levels, each level consisting of 3 assessments; a practical, knowledge and speed.

These are defined by the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA)

Beginners & Level 1 - No Contact

Beginning skaters learn basic skating skills, how to fall and skating safely as they qualify for Level 1. When Level 1 derby is played, no hitting or leaning on other skaters is allowed. Offence and defence are based on physical position only.

Level 2 - Minimum Contact

Level 2 derby adds leaning and pushing to permitted moves on the track. Skaters are becoming more proficient at the basic skills and are starting to learn more advanced skills.

Level 3 - Full contact

A skater that meets this level and learnt all of the necessary skating skills and can play full contact roller derby. At the coaches discretion Level 3 skaters maybe offered the opportunity to skate with the adults before turning 18 and moving to our adults team.